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The New Ultimate Scalper “A.I. Infused” Indicator and Systems

A revolutionary new indicator and system for trading a variety of different instruments in the financial markets.
The New “Ultimate A.I. Indicator” combines my thirty years of system development and market experience. A powerful new A.I. Infused tool that is changing the game for me and many traders alike. Whether I’m day trading, swing trading, or investing in either Stocks, Futures or Options, I never take a trade without it. Watch the free videos to discover how, the NEW “Ultimate A.I.” & the Original Ultimate Scalper “Signals” Indicator, can benefit your trading experience. Exclusively for the NinjaTrader platform

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  • ?Works with Stocks, Futures, and a variety of other Commonly traded Financial instruments.
  • ?Any time frame or Tic chart. Real time or delayed
  • ?A must if you belong to a stock advisory service
  • ?Trend turning and trend following signals generated

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The Ultimate
“Silver Strategy” Course 


Unlock precision with our cutting-edge Intra-Day Trading Methodology crafted for E-Mini Futures like ES, NQ, CL, YM, and more. Welcome to “Silver Strategies,” an esteemed day trading course revealing my closely guarded Price Action Secrets, refined through years of trading prowess.

Embark on a transformative journey exploring our acclaimed strategies: the game-changing “Ultimate 25Bar,” revolutionary “Ultimate Backdoor,” and unstoppable “Ultimate Slingshot” systems. This comprehensive course features over 65 videos and a 200-page manual brimming with invaluable insights.

Designed for simplicity, this course ensures even novice traders can seamlessly grasp powerful inter-day market scalping techniques tailored for the dynamic E-mini Futures market and beyond. Say goodbye to trading mysteries – no more secrets. I provide a thorough understanding to kickstart effective scalping in the shortest span.

With over 13 years of unwavering success, I’ve assisted traders worldwide in uncovering untapped market scalping opportunities. Enroll now and enjoy benefits like free upgrades, dedicated customer support, and exclusive access to our private group chat on Slack. Join a community driven by success and elevate your trading journey!

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