Meet Reece

Hello, call me Reece, or RC for short. I have been day trading since the early 90’s. When I was growing up in the mid 80’s, I remember my father would be on the phone with his broker all day long. From the second the market opened until it closed he would day trade the major market index, and was not allowed to be bothered.
It wasn’t until after I graduated from college that I learned how much money he was actually making as a day trader. Soon after, I decided to put my career in Aerospace on hold to learn day trading first.

I bought my first Ken Roberts course and began to day trade coffee futures using only a “quo-trek” (hand held real time quoting device) a telephone, pencil and paper. Since the personal computer was only in its infancy back then, online trading had yet to be invented. I would draw my own charts by hand and study them over and over looking for opportunities. I soon developed my first and very own trading system that worked well for me. Later on I switched from trading coffee and cocoa futures to the S&P 500 contract. Even though it was the day trader’s financial instrument of choice back then, it required a large amount of initial capital to be on deposit or margin. It was not suited for beginners since only a few ticks against you could severely drain your account.

When the e-mini S&P was created and started trading, it was like a dream come true. I have been trading it ever since. The “E” is for electronic since it is only traded electronically. The “mini” is because it is a smaller version of the original contract.

Over the years I have read many books on trading, shared systems with other traders and created techniques that have worked for me year after year. I follow the rules I have developed for my methods and stick with them to the T.

I have always known there were courses available that teach day trading systems, that’s nothing new. However, when I found out just how much some of these so called “day trading Guru’s” were selling their courses and systems for, I was completely appalled.

The trading platforms of today come equipped with all the customizable indicators you could ever need included in the software. What you need is a good basic foundation, a clear cut method or system to follow, and practice practice practice.

At first I put this course together for the simple reason that I hate scammers. I have no problem selling my secrets and methods to anyone for considerably less money. Since I am not counting on the sales of my course to make a living, I can charge a fraction of what other courses cost.

It’s hard enough just running your own business, you don’t need people scamming and taking advantage of your desire to learn and succeed as well. I have put together everything you need to get started day scalping the E-mini S&P in the shortest time possible, with as little fluff and unnecessary rambling. I have included two of my very best systems, along with other strategic methods for you to consider. I am not a teacher, speaker, writer, sales person or internet marketer, and I don’t have a team of employees dedicated to marketing my course as of yet.

What Others have said!

” Thank you so much!! I cannot believe how easy it is to make money every day. I wish I would have learned this years ago, cant thank you enough! ”

Allen M. San Diego CA

” I paid over $3000 to learn from a so called “expert”, what a waste. Your course was far easier to understand and I actually MAKE MONEY!! ”

Kimo J. Tokyo Japan

” I am super impressed (not to mention pleased) with your “Slingshot” system. I make consistent profits scalping with it, and not a losing day yet. ”

Taylor P. NY City

” Loved the course, well worth the price, keep up the good work ”

Jessica N. L. Miami FL

” At fist, your methods seemed too easy to be true. However, after watching the market live and practicing for a few weeks, Im realizing they are the real deal. ”

Jin Ju Y. Singapore

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