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ATTENTION: This is the original course from 2009, it does not include any current UltimateScalper indicators or new videos. We are currently working on a new release that includes our custom signals. The new course will be upwards of $1200.00. The 2009 course for $79.99 is still relevant and is the basis for everything we do, it just has not been updated. The videos are from 2009. Everything still works the same way and I still use everything in this course to trade and make money. I just do not advertise this course any longer and have not finished the new one. This course version and price will disappear when the new course comes out.
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” Thank you so much!! I cannot believe how easy it is to make money every day. I wish I would have learned this years ago, cant thank you enough! ”

Allen M. San Diego CA

” I paid over $3000 to learn from a so called “expert”, what a waste. Your course was far easier to understand and I actually MAKE MONEY!! ”

Kimo J. Tokyo Japan

” I am super impressed (not to mention pleased) with your “Slingshot” system. I make consistent profits scalping with it, and not a losing day yet. ”

Taylor P. NY City

” Loved the course, well worth the price, keep up the good work ”

Jessica N. L. Miami FL

” At fist, your methods seemed too easy to be true. However, after watching the market live and practicing for a few weeks, Im realizing they are the real deal. ”

Jin Ju Y. Singapore